Mail columnist Letts apologizes for buffooning Marr’s disability

Political sketch writer Quentin Letts has actually apologized for a short article he wrote mocking the impairment of broadcaster Andrew Marr.


In a Daily Mail review of the brand-new Robert Peston show on ITV, Letts described Marr as "Captain-Hop-Along, roaring away on BBC One, throwing his arm about like a tipsy conductor".

Marr had a stroke in January 2013.

Letts tweeted his apology after an article from media commentator Roy Greenslade appeared in the Guardian.

Greenslade stated in his short article, called It Isn’t Funny or Smart for Quentin Letts to Poke Fun at Andrew Marr: "I do not wish to come off all namby-pamby.

" I comprehend that no-one should be beyond criticism and that Letts was exercising his right to push flexibility.

" But really Quentin, that was a rude remark."

He then required Letts to apologies.

Letts confessed his comments about "the exceptional Marr" were "ghastly". His tweet of apology was met comments listed below it, calling him "utterly disgraceful" and "terrible".

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