Questions into Impairment Employment Gap and Impairment Confident Closes Monday


The Parliamentary Work and Pensions Committee is holding a query into the 'Disability Employment Gap', and the due date for submissions is Monday. (Apologies for the brief notification, they keep launching these things when I'm far from home and/or playing around after medical stuff).

Scope of the query

The Committee invites composed submissions addressing the following points:

To what degree are the current range of proposed measures most likely to achieve the Government’s ambition of closing the disability employment gap?

How effective is the Disability Confident campaign in minimizing obstacles to work and educating employers?

Exactly what should support for individuals with health conditions and disabilities in the proposed Work and Health program appear like?

m5Exactly what are the most likely impacts on impairment work of the abolition of the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activity component?

I'll be putting in a response, which is likely to run along the lines of "Fat chance. Worse than useless. Nothing like DWP wants. And catastrophic", however at rather greater length. This is your opportunity to comment on:

Whether the federal government truly wants to halve the disability work space, or simply get enough briefly ill people back into work it appears like they did.

How Disability Confident is in fact working to reinforce prejudiced views of disabled people by its focus on motivation porn, its rejection that work environment impairment discrimination exists, its motivation to employers not to take notice of disability (and therefore to the adjustments we need), and its evident belief that the only suitable jobs for disabled individuals are entry level and base pay. Oh, and we're 'motivating'.

How proposals for the Work and Health programmed are likely to be a catastrophe. Information are all however impossible to discover, however the different DWP pilot plans, such as putting JCP staff into physicians' surgical treatments. and the Tory manifesto proposition for the enforced treatment of certain conditions recommend that DWP wishes to establish a system in which it can straight influence the medical treatment handicapped individuals receive and make their benefits conditional on doing as DWP demands.

And how the 30 cut in ESA, so that those in the Work Related Activity Group will be treated identically to non-disabled jobseekers on JSA, will further deteriorate the acknowledgment that this group consists of many badly and long term disabled individuals, who require specialized support from JCP staff, which is already being annihilated via the widespread axing of Disability Employment Advisers within JCP.

m4The aim of closing the impairment employment gap is one we must all have the ability to get behind, but DWP's appalling history around disabled jobseekers, which mostly consists of searching for methods to deny we are handicapped, or prove us scams, leaves me with little self-confidence that this is their genuine intent, while the farcical Disability Confident confirms they are far more thinking about pandering to clichéd values of impairment we hoped we had left behind 30 years ago.

Responses are due by Monday 9th May. Whether that is close of company, or Midnight, appears not to be stated. There are more details on reacting in the Easy Read version than on the main site.

Opportunities to have our say do not come along often, so let's benefit from this one.

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